Bertorelli Pip Pairs Rnd 1


From 8.00pm

Bertorelli (Pip) Pairs Round 1

At Tondu C.C.
8.00pm I. Massjuk/D. Childs(TCC) -v- S. Evans/H. Walford(PCL)
8.30pm B. Richards/A. Thomas(EAG) -v- E. Jones/G. Kehoe(FYG)
9.00pm M. Massjuk/G. Massjuk(TCC) -v- N. Monk/M. Smith(FYG)

At Porthcawl
8.00pm C. Williams/N. Knight(PCL) -v- R. Evans/M. Morrison(EAG)
8.30pm R. Dibble/P. Davies(STB) -v- K. McNally/T. McNally(TCC)
M. Barrington/M. Holmes(FYG) Match conceded by B. Nye/K. Cambourne(PCL)
D. George/D. Beynon(PCL) Match conceded by J. Watkins/P. Little(FYG)

At St Brides
8.00pm T. Hughes/R. Carveth(STB) -v- M. Griffiths/J. Griffiths(STB)
Bowen/H. Bowen(TCC) Match conceded by J. Gifford/A.Hutchinson(STB)
Jo Christian/D. Evans(EAG) Match shot early D. Tarr/R. Tarr(FYG)

Conceded matches - teams go through and do not need to attend designated ranges